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Aloe Can You Go!

Let it be known, I can go on and on about aloe vera. This plant is quite the miracle worker and if you haven’t yet bought into the hype, in the words of Tamar Braxton, “get your life.”

Aloe vera has a variety of uses. Don’t act like you haven’t ever burned your forehead with the curling iron. Aloe vera, to the rescue. Treat your cookie by slathering this stuff on after that Brazilian bikini wax;) Your skin will thank you!  You can also add it to your favorite leave-conditioners as it will prove to make your hair soft and smooth. I like to add it to a cup of water and gulp it down really fast (not a fan of the texture), as it also aids in digestion. As a singer, I also like the benefits it provides for my throat.

You can find it at your local health food store for less than $10. I found mine on sale at GNC, two for $10. The bottle should be refrigerated after opening in order to preserve it. But this is one inexpensive investment that will not break the bank and will boost your fab! Add it to your kitchen today:)

xo ~Ke