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Well, not exactly free. But almost!

I’m talking about a few of my new found faves and today’s feature. They’re from the Wet-n-Wild cosmetics line and they’re surprisingly inexpensive. I’m talking $1.99 type inexpensive!

About a year ago, I realized how much money I was wasting on mani/pedis. Like most of my friends, I was getting my fingers and toes painted on a regular basis. And in New York, because the service can be found to be fairly inexpensive (most salons run weekly $20 specials) I found that this little treat was an expense I could easily eliminate to save some cash. So I started painting my little pretties myself!

Now, in the beginning I was addicted to the go-to salon nail lacquer  brands like OPI and Essie, which can run between $7 and $10. Then I started to notice other less expensive brands that offer just as many color variations. It took some experimenting and quite a few chipped nails, but by golly I’ve found a brand that I plan to stick with—Wet-n-Wild, baby! I tried the Wet-n-Wild MegaLast Collection initially because it offered great colors and a thicker brush which allows for easier application. I was pleasantly surprised to also learn that the color is super lush and long lasting when paired with a quality topcoat.

I, then, decided to venture out and give their lip colors a try. Nude and pinks are a big trend right now. And as a dark-skinned woman, I didn’t find it smart to splurge on a MAC brand, especially since I anticipate getting a little darker with the summer sun on the horizon. So I purchased two matte options, a nude and a soft pink. I will say that the colors need to be mixed with foundation or concealer depending on the look I’m going for. I also sometimes use a little lip pencil and a dab of gloss for a more finished look. There are tons of great tutorials on YouTube on how to customize the look for your skin tone. 

So that’s it, that’s all. I HIGHLY recommend you give Wet-N-Wild a try. The brand has surely come a long way. And its a great, pocketbook-friendly option to spice up your look! 

xo ~Ke