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Forbidden Fruit

Yesterday I blogged about J, my good friend who is averse to consuming fruits and veggies. I realize there are lots of people out there who don’t care to partake in nature’s goodness. I think taking baby steps to incorporate them into foods we love like adding a little spinach to your pizza or sliced bananas to your cereal is a great way to introduce yourself to all that you’ve been missing. But I also think that being adventurous is a surefire way to get you out there trying new things. I mean what’s an apple when you can have passion fruit? So I’ll occasionally update the blog with fruits you may want to try. 

Enter the lychee. Yummmmm. The lychee be exotic!I can’t help but chant that line whenever I think about this fruit. My songwriter brain is always on. I digress. Lychee fruits are great because they’re a nice size, they’re juicy, and they’re satisfying;) No, but really. This super sweet fruit is bigger than a large grape, and is protected by a thick outer layer you have to peel off. Lychee fruits are low in calories, and although its not citrus, provides more Vitamin C than an orange. Its also chock full of B vitamins, potassium, and anti-oxidants. Translation: it will help fight infectious diseases, will help to increase your metabolism, and helps control blood pressure staving off heart diseases.

So show the lychee a little love. Do a little googling to find out where you can find them in your hood. I picked mine up on my recent trip to Brooklyn Chinatown. You can eat them as a snack (just a few can be surprisingly filling) or you can indulge in one of my faves, a lychee martini. Just give it a try.

And remember. The lychee be exotic! 

xo ~Ke



Whole Foods, Who?

I recently made a trip back home to Chicago. While home, I visited my girl, who I will refer to as J. Well, J and I were talking when the subject of healthy eating came up. The conversation went a little something like this…

J: “So you shop at, like, Whole Foods?”

Me: “Well, only when I can afford it.”

J: “Isn’t Whole Foods like a health store or something?”

Me: *uncrontrollable laughter*

You see, J is averse to any and all things healthy. She hates vegetables and forbids them from going anywhere near her mouth. So this Whole Foods place was like an anomaly to her. I think she’s the cutest thing ever. But I’m on a mission to get her to start eating fruits and veggies even if it means never setting foot in a Whole Foods. 

I have nothing against WF. They are very much the However, the size and mere mention of the name can scare off even the slightest health skeptic. So I recommend finding other places to shop for natural deliciousness. I realize some cities really don’t provide a ton of options. I encourage you to do some googling.  Find out when a farmer’s market will be in your ‘hood. My mom doesnt live anywhere near a WF but she finds and visits farmer’s markets regularly and racks up! I live in an area of Brooklyn where there’s a fruit stand on every other corner. Sometimes I take a day trip to BK Chinatown where I can stock up on the staples. But it also gives me the opportunity to try exotic options, some of which I’ve never even heard. (sidenote: I’ll occasionally blog about a new fruit/veggie I’ve tried to let you know which ones are worth trying.)

On her next trip to NYC, I’m going to make it my business to get her to try some yummy, new things. Maybe, if we take baby steps, I can even get her to go to WF with me:)

Find your local farmer’s markets here:   or

xo ~Ke